Who needs a day off social?

73% of college students will experience a mental health crisis during college

Just like all college students, today’s student athletes are dealing with unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression. Pressure to perform in the classroom, on the playing field and now on social media are proving to carry too heavy a burden for some…There are over 500,000 NCAA student athletes. There are 8,000,000 high school athletes. There are 20,000,000 youth athletes. Due to modern pressures, all of these athletes are at a particular risk for mental health concerns, and many are already struggling…Imagine if all these amazing young people turned off social media for one day and instead worked together to serve their communities. Together, they could do more than improve their own mental health. They could change the world.


Balancing Priorities

Making money vs mental health

Social media has created new influencers. Over the past decade, influencer marketing has grown into a $13.8 billion industry and made millionaires out of many young people, including several high-profile student-athletes. Due to changes in name, image and likeness rules, student-athletes are free to join the influencer gold rush…But the influencer approach carries risks along with the rewards. For young adults, the biggest risk to increased social media engagement may be to their mental health.

Get Involved

Day Off Social promotes mental health

We encourage student athletes NOT to use social media, just for one day.

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Sponsors & Donors

#DayOffSocial campaigns are funded by sponsors and donor collectives that believe in the mission of this campaign.

Student Athletes

By choosing to turn off social media student athletes can learn to take charge of their own mental health.

Social Impact

Stepping out into the community, student athletes can develop servant leadership skills and inspire collegiate peers to do the same.


Will you get involved?

#DayOffSocial needs more sponsors, student athletes and community partners to get involved. Drop us a line if you're interested in joining the movement by starting a campaign in your community or at your school.

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