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Illini Athletes experience rest, relaxation & re-connection

Here are some things Illini athletes posted after taking days of social:

I spent the day with my family and cousins in Tulsa, Oklahoma! The time away from my phone allowed me to be more present with the people I love. This reminded me that you need to surround yourself with people who make you feel at ease and not worry about what is being shared on social media. I encourage everyone to take a day for themselves by doing something as simple as taking the day off social media. I will definitely be doing this again whenever I feel like I need a mental break. # I spent the day relaxing and resetting with my mom. Before coming home, I was stressed and burnt out, so having a day off social media allowed me to reconnect with the world around me and the people I love the most. It was refreshing to not feel like I needed to check social media every few hours and I felt much more energized. My mom and I had such a fun day and I encourage anyone who is considering participating to do so! # Hi, my name is Maddy Crosby and I am a member of the women’s swimming and diving team at the University of Illinois! On my day off social media, I took the opportunity to spend time outside and get some things crossed off my to-do list. Often, I feel like social media distracts us from the people and opportunities right in front of us. Taking the day off social media allowed me to be where my feet are and invest more in those around me. This was inspiring for me as it has been a long time since I took time off social media but is definitely something I will be doing more often after this experience! I am so grateful for this opportunity! # On my day off from social media, I went on a run along Miami Beach, and it was so beautiful. I also biked along the beach with some of my friends and it was so nice. Having time away from social media is such a great mental break, and I would recommend it to everyone. # Hello, my name is Caleb Griffin! My Day Off Social was beneficial and opened my eyes. I spent my day helping out my dad by volunteering at a local basketball tournament. After that, I visited my high school, where I was able to catch up with former coaches and teachers for a few hours. I noticed the difference the most when I was hanging around the house with my family. I felt myself having more conversation than normal which was a great feeling, not being attached to my phone. This was a great experience and will help me stay off of social media in the future and focus on the present. # Hello! My name is Noor Abdellatif and I am a Track & Field student-athlete at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and I participated in the Day Off Social! During my day off, I got to spend my time outside, which was really nice considering the weather outside was beautiful. Being a part of the Day Off Social allowed me to put my mind and focus into daily activities that are more important than scrolling through social media feeds. It was especially nice to not stress myself out looking at other athletes and comparing myself to them because that is something a lot of student-athletes do and it is something that puts a lot more harm on our mental health than we even realize. It was a time and day to just focus on myself and just really treat myself to a nice morning workout, 5 mile walk in the park of Cincinnati in Ohio, followed by some really good ice cream to top off the warm day. This is something that I would highly encourage other student-athletes or just ANYONE to take part in because you will not understand how much it benefits you unless you get the opportunity to experience it yourself. After being a part of the Day Off Social, I would 100% continue to take more days off social media whenever needed and hope others can be motivated to do so as well from what I’ve experienced and shared! # I went to the local ice cream parlor with my family! It was a great experience to go outside and enjoy the nice weather # The day I took off social media was enlightening and relaxed. It felt so nice to not have to worry about what people were saying or have to think about what other people were doing. On my day off I went for a walk with my fiancé, went out to lunch with his family and went to my brothers waterpolo game. I’d encourage everyone to take a day off of social or perhaps even more time, so they could spend quality time with themselves and do things beneficial to their mental and physical health.

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