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Raising awareness & lowering stigma are not enough

GenZ focused brand takes action, divests from Facebook in the name of mental health

Mental health problems are increasing among young people on campus, at work and across our society despite increased awareness and lowering stigma surrounding mental health issues lately.

It seems that simply acknowledging the problem does not solve it. Action is required. However, taking action can be tough when money is involved. Few people have the fortitude to forego financial gain in order to sustain mental health.

Fortunately, some brands are leading by example and taking action. LUSH Cosmetics, for example, believes Facebook is harming the mental health of young people. Therefore, out of a desire to protect its customers and employees, LUSH is withdrawing from the Facebook economy, and providing a model for brands and athletes to follow.

Logging off social media, even for a day, is a proactive step to foster mental health.

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