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THE Foundation using Name, Image, Likeness programs to make positive impact across Buckeye-nation.

National championship winning coach, Urban Meyer and the winningest QB in OSU history, JT Barrett, are two board members of THE Foundation, a charitable entity with a vision for leveraging NIL for good. THE Foundations efforts will center on connecting OSU football and basketball players with local charitable partners, to raise awareness and make positive contributions.

We are thrilled to see this news coming out of Columbus, OH. This effort is important for charities and student athletes alike. It will benefit both. There is ample evidence that doing volunteer work not only helps the charity, it helps the volunteer worker to. According to the Mayo Clinic, doing volunteer work bolsters mental health!!

According to the Foundation: The landscape in college athletics is changing. You better believe we will be at the forefront of what's to come with name, image and likeness. With THE greatest fanbase and alumni, the rest of the country will TRY try to emulate our model. We wish them the best of luck.

We hope to see even more such programs emerge soon, and we hope they will include ALL athletes, not just revenue sports. There are over 500,000 student athletes playing NCAA sports today. And every single one of them is at risk for mental health issues.

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